Alexander M. Nekrashevich

Born 1973 in Belarus

Art studies in the Belorussian College of Art, Minsk (1985 – 1991) and from 1991 to 1997 in the Belorussian State Academy of Art, Dept. of Monumental-Decorative Art, Minsk. Grant-aided student of Belorussian Academy of Visual Arts 1996) Since 2004 member of Belorussian Union of Artists

2005 laureate of the competition of ‘Eros and Tanatos’ Ars-Longa Minsk 2008 laureate I Belorussian Biennale, Palace of Arts, Minsk 2014 laureate III Belorussian Biennale, Palace of Arts, Minsk 2008 to 2015 over 40 exhibitions in Belarus, Ukraina, Lithuania and the Netherlands 2006 to 2014 over 13 personal exhibitions in Belarus, Ukraina, Austria, Lithuania, The Netherlands and Art Monaco.