Elena Adamchyk

Alena Adamchyk
is a photographer, publisher and a master of science in biology.
Her childhood she spent in Vilnius. Now she has her studios in Minsk, Vilnius and Riga.
Her first personal exhibition was held in Warsaw and was named “Naked truth”.

Later her art works were widely exhibited in different European cities – Berlin, Paris, Monte Carlo, Vienna, Vilnus, Barcelona, Budapest, Modena… Her most famous project is that called “Women of Europe” which was launched with the edition of the book “Bielaruski”. It was first introduced to the public in 2004 in Vilnius. The presentation of her third book was held in Monaco in July, 2009. At the same time she began her new project “Women of Monaco”, which was successfully presented in Place Du Casino, Monte-Carlo on the 29th of July, 2010. After visiting Beirut, Alena finished her working on the book “Women of Lebanon”.
The same year the exhibition of the pictures of Alena was held in the Metropol Gallery in Moscow and in the National library in Minsk. In the 2013 Alena was exhibiting her pictures in the UNESCO headquarters in Paris.

In the beginning of the year 2015 the new book “Diamonds of Belarus” was released and presented in the National library in Minsk, where Alena was honored to give the whole collection of her books to the rare books department. The presentations of her books were also held in different European countries. Due to her project “Women of Europe” she published her seven books for the moment. Nowadays Alena dedicate her new works to the ecological issues and already made a new project “She Is Nature” about women ecologists of Belarus. Some years ago Alena built her art house and gallery near Minsk, where she makes her shows, presentations and classes for her students