Frantishka Brigadina

Born in Minsk in 1984


2001 – 2005 – studies at the Minsk State Art College named after A.K. Glebov
2006 – 2012 – studies at the Belarusian State Academy of Art
Since 2014 – member of the Belarusian Union of Artists (youth section)
2015 – participates in the art project ‘Autum Salon with BelGazPromBank’, Minsk
2015 – participates in the ‘arTrash’ project which was part of the XI National Architecture Festival ‘Minsk 2015’
2016 – personal project ‘KINGDOM’ in the A&V art gallery, Minsk

“‘KINGDOM’ is my first solo exhibition. In this project, I wanted to express the world of emotions and feelings that I inhibit at the moment. It is difficult to say what inspired me – absolutely everything did.”
2016 – participates in the art project ‘Autum Salon with BelGazPromBank’, Minsk

Since 2002, participates in national and international exhibitions. Works can be found in private collections in Belarus, Poland, Italy, USA, Ireland and Germany.
“I am passionate about the realization of nontrivial ideas through new perception angles, using unexpected materials and a constant serach. For me, creating a work is an entire life in itself and a continuous process. This processual circle (realization – experiment – search) is the reason I see each work as a living thing, something that can never be finished or brought to a conclusion. Even within a gallery space, a canvas continues its movement and development as it communicates with the viewer and soaks in his or her emotional response.
I find the process of this unending search so captivating, I start to sense the pulse of my canvases and live through their development, thus giving birth to new ideas and experiments.”