Richard W. Allgaier

Light and vision are interdependent its presence means softness, clarity, space, depth, shadow, contrasts, cold and warmth. We are seldom so closely confronted with endless time and fading moments, the perfect feeling of the rhythm of moments.



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Richard W. Allgaier

Born 1949 in Bad Waldsee/Germany

Art studies in Konstanz/Germany and in the Graphic Arts College in Munich (1970/1973). Lecturer at the Academy of Arts, Bad-Reichenhall/Germany Richard is a top-talented universal artist, painter and sculptor. His work are appreciated by private and public collectors. Working trips to Afghanistan, Iran, Egypt, India, Tchad, South America, Nepal, Yemen, Mauretania , Mali, Algeria, Myanmar and and and – all those impressions leave a footprint in the spirit of this art works. The artistic TV-Production ‘to the beginning of the world’ shown in ARTE-TV depicted Richard Allgaier as painting traveller and wayfarer.