Yuna Bert

Radiant and colorful, Yuna Bert’s art work offers a mixture of traditional materials and modern techniques, focusing on volume and depth.

Fashion in nature


The creation of a new series «TATTOO» was inspired by magic power of symbolism.
New series of works constituting extensions of the domain of the skin and the parcelling narratives with strong power of evocation.
In this new series, Yuna Bert reveals the ritual dimension of the tattoo, an incarnated poetry. For religious purposes or referring to an emotional, physical, personal experience, the tattoo proceeds entirely from the engraving of an ideal in our being.
The new series «TATTOO», exploiting allegorical forms, develops a universal artistic language for individuals in search of meaning and spirituality.
Yuna Bert invites to a sensational and symbolic journey, a journey to the very surface of skin.

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Yuna Bert

Yuna Bert studied art at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design of the University of the Arts in London.
She currently lives and works in the South of France and her art works appear in private collections in France, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland and Italy.