Richard W. Allgaier (*1949) is an outstanding sculptor and painter with abstract and pictorial approach.

Art Academies in Konstanz and Munich sharpened his sense for colors and materials. His atelier in Southern Germany became a kind of art piece itself and reflects his widespread trips to the Americas, Africa and the Arab World. His rough wooden sculptures and paintings in natural pigments focus on current social subjects. The amazing sculpture ‘The Boat’ 2013 is an outstanding example of his great talent to express feelings and the beauty of moments. This respected sculpture was highly celebrated and reproduced in bronze. Richard W. Allgaier got also awarded with his art movies ‘to the beginning of the earth’ as travelling painter. Arte TV broadcasted his wonderful art movies europewide since 2009 till today.

1981 till 2009 dozens of exhibitions in Germany and Switzerland 1981 till 2014 over 15 publications of art 2005 TV Movie ‘To the roots of the World’ with Roman Teufel (Arte-TV) 2007 TV Movie ‘Birma – Bridge between earth and sky’ with Roman Teufel (Arte-TV) Both shown and awarded at international Film-Festivals is St. Petersburg and Toulouse

Light and vision are interdependent its presence means softness, clarity, space, depth, shadow, contrasts, cold and warmth. We are seldom so closely confronted with endless time and fading moments, the perfect feeling of the rhythm of moments.

Visions of ‘where we’re sailing to’ – Homage to the Exodus of 1947, to the boat-people of 1979 to our ‘mare nostrum’ of today…