Yuna Bert

Yuna Bert studied art at Central Saint Martin’s College of Art and Design of the University of the Arts in London.

She currently lives and works in the South of France and her art works appear in private collections in France, Latvia, Russia, Switzerland and Italy.

Her artistic progression has been increasingly recognized in recent years, and her work has attracted attention from private collectors and been celebrated at exhibitions, including as part of St’ART Strasbourg, Art Stage Singapore, MOYA Vienna and so on. From 2015 she has collaborated with acclaimed art dealer Art Golden Din in Monaco.

Yuna Bert now owns an enchanting, distinctive style, and her paintings are attracting more and more attention for their provocative but non-abrasive contrast of emotions and observations. Multiple tensions coexist, myriad sensations are evoked, and the paintings contain a depth and richness that makes them worthy of long, unhurried contemplation. But the medium is not meddled by these tensions and contrasts, and the paintings maintain total aesthetic cohesion. The colors are often warm and radiant, human figures soft, and the subject-matter is frequently simple, slice-of-life scenes.